Tuesday, 23 October 2018

black and grey

Grey checkered blazer (UK14) & boots | ASOS
Ribbed dress (UK4) | ASOS Petite
Necklace | Agn├Ęs b

Another black & grey outfit! Probably my 2nd fav after an all black outfit. Coincidentally, it's kind of like an all-ASOS outfit lol. I really shop on ASOS A LOT.  Great basics and great petite fit!


Thursday, 18 October 2018

fav wrap top

Top (UK4) | Topshop Petite
Jeans (EU34) | Zara
Boots | ASOS
Bag | Mulberry
Leather jacket (UK8) | All Saints

This is definitely one of my fav tops from Topshop! I have the same in black and I do admit, I wear the black one wayyyy more but this striped one is such a great basic too. I first spotted it in stripe at the Vivo store and I liked it so much I tracked down the last black one in my size at Bugis. Every item in this outfit are my ultimate favs - except for the jeans, which I decided to cut it one day and it became too short :\


Monday, 15 October 2018

classic classic oversized

Top (UK4) | ASOS
Skirt (UK4) | Topshop Petite
Shoes | Hugo Boss
Leather jacket (UK8) | Topshop
Bag | Saint Laurent
Necklace | Etsy

Another classic outfit with a pop of red and splash of oversize! (lol)
Would have preferred this jacket in UK6 but I was in a rush and the smallest size on the racks were UK8s. I couldn't be bothered to ask for a smaller size - figured that was less important than catching my flight.


Friday, 12 October 2018


Shirt (XS) | All Saints (men's)
Skirt (UK4) | Topshop Petite
Belt (XXS) | ASOS
Shoes | McQueen
Bag | Mulberry

I almost never leave All Saints empty handed. Love their men's collection too - think I actually have more items from the men's collection that the women's one! The print on this shirt is just amazing - tiny colourful stars in pastel colours and they have a water-colour vibe. Such a soft (to the touch) shirt falls really nicely on the body even when it is oversized, and the lightweight fabric is great for Singapore's weather. The possibilities of styling shirts are (almost) endless - as tops/outerwear/dresses (if it's long enough).

Also, I started to wear some of my belts with the buckle off-centre and I think I really like the look of it haha.


Tuesday, 9 October 2018

x x x x

Top (XXS) | Esprit
Blazer (US2) | DVF
Shoes & skirt (XS) | Mango
Bag | Mulberry

This top made me get back in Esprit after (almost) only shopping there when I was in secondary school (apart from Zara). Was totally into the EDC collection back then. Now, I love their workwear - mainly because they make EU32 and XXS sizes! Bottoms are still pretty big for me but the tops and outerwear fit me really well. Oh and there's always some sort of member sale going on haha.