Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fooling Around

Roasted Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Sushi from Itacho Sushi.
$6.8++ for one piece. So darn worth it.
Itacho Sushi's sushi are awesome.

super cute pine nut shaped plate (I finished the yummy gyozas, leaving just the curry salt powder)

And I started fooling around Francfranc. Beautiful fake flowers on sale. 70% off.

super cute mini bananas which my family loves to eat

car windscreen

I can probably attempt cheating during my French test with the French days on these pens
(Yes, I bought them. On sale, 60% off)

No promotion for this, but I bought it anyway. Love how the words are engraved.

flowers bought. Worth: $61. Paid: $18.30. Woohooo.

guy's tee - ROCKANDY
cardigan - Zara
boots - Pull&Bear
Yes, I started fooling around Cold Storage w my mummy too.


  1. NICE. Super loads of discounts. :)

    1. Yeah man hahha the flowers are damn pretty too hahaha but it was challenging to find a more cny combi rather than bridal hahaha.