Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Batman Bolts

Really affordable, $6.80 for 1/2 dozen! pretty yummy though it's not the garlic-y kind.

My mum and I shared this awesome seafood platter. I really wanted to try the lamb rack but it wasn't available today, definitely going back another day to try it!

The Best.
Slightly cripsy outer crust and lava center. I think there's some caramel mixed in it.

Atlantic Mix Grill has daily set lunch too at only $13.40+! It includes one main, chicken wings (smells super good though I didn't get to try it today), salad/soup and a drink. So darn worth it. They have peach beer (I'm crazy over peach) and other unique flavoured beers too but sadly, I hate beer due to the fizz.

skirt - lovelysally
tee - thrifted
denim outerwear - Zara
ankle boots - Boss Orange
purple socks - New Look (bought today and wore it immediately!)
watch - Nixon
Pewter Woven Chain Bracelet - Created by Fortune

This tee is from a random shop selling all sorts of kids' clothes. Not a huge fan of Batman but I love black and yellow together.
Reminds me of my best childhood friend, my Pikachu.
The sleeves and collar were cut by me because they were too small.

Love this amazing leather x chain bracelet (USD 23) from Created by Fortune, a New York label.
Been really excited about it and it finally arrived in the mail a few days back. Just as I expected, it was too loose for my tiny wrists and it was nonadjustable. Oh well. Love it loads still.

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