Saturday, 26 October 2013

Black & Silver Weekend | Club 21 Bazaar 2013 + Morning Shopping + Smoothie

Fabric: Silk X polyester blend (my new Armani tee) from Club 21 Bazaar 2013 yesterday.

Sweatshirt | Zara
Denim skirt | Supré
Leather boots | Miista via ASOS
Watch | Nixon
Leather X chain weaved bracelet | Created By Fortune
Studded leather bracelet and embossed leather bracelet | Taipei
Pick necklace | agnès b
Broken keys necklace | ASOS Men

I went to the F3 sale at Takashimaya's Talking today and left empty-handed. Saw a MaxStudio silk blouse which I reallllyyyyy love but I couldn't find it in XS.
Headed to Zara (mandatory lol) and the boots I want aren't in SG yet, damn.

It's my first time making my own smoothie it's so yummy.
Great way to eat strawberries when it isn't the season for Korean strawberries!
(I only eat strawberries if they're Korean lol)

To be honest, I felt that the Club 21 bazaar was a little disappointing this year (compared to last year). I left with only two tops, and I even saw the shoes I bought last year.
(Good thing actually, less spent on shopping so I get to meet my boy in UK next year)

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