Tuesday, 18 March 2014

m i n i p a p i e r

Mini Papier A4 Zip Around (en gris gravier) & grey studded leather bacelet | Balenciaga
Skirt | Gingersnaps
Knit top | thrifted
Shirt | Zara
Boots | Kurt Geiger
Watch | Hugo Boss
Teal leather bracelet | Taipei

First buy in UK in Feb: This bag.
Me: I only have 4ish hours in London today.
Salesman in Balenciaga: And the first thing you do is to head down here. I like your priorities.

Really wanted this in rouge cerise but the store I went to had gravel grey, black and lemon yellow only. Evelyn was trying to get me to get the yellow one lolol but I decided on grey....which I realised isn't the most practical option despite the vast amounts of grey clothes I have lol. Most importantly, I have the fear of dirtying it. Given that I'm really rough with my bags (this is my first light coloured bag and scratches would show easily due to the leather's texture), I try my best not to let any harm come to it whenever I use it.
I first saw it online and I swear it looks way smaller in reality.
BUT. It kind of looks like a normal sized bag on me lol. Had to get the sling punched with SEVEN extra holes so that I can have it sitting on my hips the way I like it (these photos were taken before I had the holes punched). Ohwell I'm tiny this way.

I love the zip option, making the bag look more/less casual instantly. I went to the store because I wanted something rugged and casual, something I can stuff the shit out of with all my cameras but ended up getting this. Well, at least it can store my DSLR (although the magnetic clasp can't be fastened lol).

Side note, Teadot has really good lemon meringue tart and chocolate gauanja! The salmon rosti was....not my favourite dish of the month (and a little too oily for my liking). Had to say this again. LEMON MERINGUE WAS SOOO GOOD. It has a layer of dark chocolate under the lemon curd.

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