Tuesday, 15 April 2014

UK Day 3 | School | Oldest Inn in England | Loch Fyne

Oh yknow. just me being a tourist around school. 

Day three and I started to think: okay what should I wear. I only brought outerwear and didn't really bring any sweatshirts whatsoever to wear as the innermost layer lol. Totally relied on whatever ASOS items I ordered, like this burgundy sweatshirt from one of my favourite Danish labels J.D.Y. Ordered a whole bunch of things from ASOS and returned half of them FOR FREE :D 
(Didn't do it for fun, I really needed to try a lot of items and it was just too expensive to return jeans, dresses and jackets from Sg)

Had lunch at the oldest inn in England. The food and decor were amazing. 
And dinner was seafood at Loch Fyne, everything was so delicious. Wine was perfect. If only I wore a dress lol. I will definitely be back again. Always being thankful to ianchoi for bringing me around and making sure I'm having a good time.

Oh and, I am officially a huge fan of Costa.

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