Monday, 12 May 2014

Back to Basics | Sustainability

Jeans | Pull & Bear
Organic cotton top, boots & sunglasses | Zara
Leather bomber jacket | Mango
Grey studded leather bracelet | Balenciaga
Blue x black leather bracelet | Agnès b
Triangle bra | ASOS

I've been trying to practice responsible consumerism lately (and hopefully the rest of my life) and trying to cut down buying new apparel made of non-biodegradable materials (i.e. polyester).
Lyocell is my new favourite - it's super soft, comfy and biodegradable. I'm also in love with the organic cotton collection from Zara (Spring/Summer '14), which consists of well made basics (think striped/plain tees and tank tops) that are so darn comfy.
Of course, I'm attempting to 'shop well, buy less'. Really, it's not easy for someone who loves shopping and so many things out there are actually made of non-biodegradable substances, and online shopping is a huge trap too, many sites not stating the fabrics used. Thankfully, I adore good quality and being picky about the quality of things I buy really helps.

Once again, I'm so thankful that Mango online offers free shipping to Sg (min. spending 150) and this soft 100% leather bomber jacket came in the mail recently. I loved it that the entire genuine leather collection from Mango was made not with leather from animals who were reared specially for their skin, but leftovers from the food industry. One downside was that the leather jacket came in a plastic wrapping (such irony lol) and it made everything I ordered smell like plastic, I had to hang them under (indirect) sunlight for several days.

Helped out at a shoot with VauntStyle a few days back and some of the photos (imo) turned out really beautiful. Met some really nice people (which I'm sure we will be seeing more of each other!) and had a great time, can't wait to share more about that soon!

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