Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Nottingham | 27-31 October

Random dinner we whipped up on one of the days

Grey coat | Zara
Grey ribbed cropped l/s tee | Young Hungry Free
Blue cable knit wool jumper | H&M (mummy's)
Leather Boots | Zara Girls

This wool coat was my birthday present from Ian and I loveeeee it. I have the same coat in baby pink (from s/s 2014's collection) and grey is just so much easier to match (the rest of my wardrobe) haha. it has a hood (great for uk's rainy weather) and the sleeves aren't too long on me. AND THERE'RE POCKETS TOO. And I was really lacking a nice versatile grey coat so this one was perfect. (I was also lacking a black coat for everyday wear, which I'll talk about soon!)

These photos are a mix of photos I've taken during my first 4 days in Notts. We went grocery shopping and Wednesdays are our date day because Ian doesn't have much classes that day. Ian brought me to Aubrey's Traditional Crêperie and I loved what we ordered. It was tucked away in a small alley along a row of cool little shops and I loved it there. Mine was orange marmalade and Ian had smoked salmon.

Apart from it being my birthday month, I love October because its fall/autumn and the leaves are super pretty. Autumn is my favourite season of the year! Oh and those dessert were bought in Vienna's airport, just before I went back to the UK. Chanced upon the chestnut chocolate (I LOVE CHESTNUTS) and it was a autumn limited edition product because availability of chestnuts depend on the season. It was the best chestnut chocolate I've ever had in my life. Seriously. It was so darn good. And the Viennese Sachertorte from Hotel Sacher are sooooo good good. I didn't know that Vienna had such a popular dessert but I'm so glad I chanced upon it at the airport because the packaging looked gorgeous (and I love chocolate and apricot) and then a group of air stewardess came over and started going crazy over it. There's apricot jam infused in the dark chocolate cube and it tasted amazing. I also bought the cake from Hotel Sacher Fudge Cake with Chocolate Crumbs and Egg Liqueur because it sounded christmasy and uh, there's liqueur in a cake (I'd never pass that up haha). I always have a slice of it for breakfast. Either that, or a bowl of blueberries. For dinner, we often cook pasta (because I dislike eating white rice lol) and although I usually only eat spaghetti / angel hair, Ian likes his food to be fancy (lol) so we went for the weird shaped pastas (no idea what their names are). I'm a little afraid of this one because it looks round (I think I have a phobia of circular shapes put together lol).

Oh and I'm pretty sure I mentioned it but here it is again: I'm now using a MacBook Air! Bought it a week before I left Singapore in October and pasted some stickers I got from an Agnès b. exhibition. Well I love music and I love lightning bolts. I also went for a Halloween party in Nottingham w Ian and friends (at Coco Tang), blogged about it here!!

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