Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Vest | Ohsofickle
Dress | Zara
Heels | River Island
Bag & wallet | Bally
Skincare & make-up | YSL

Bought this wallet in Austria and I absolutely loovveeeeee it. It's one of my favourite colour combinations - Black with a touch of red. It's slightly bigger than my previous Bally wallet (that's the only downside) but I guess I'm pretty much used to it now haha.

Been using the Flash Radiance Skincare Brush and it's one of my favourite thing to put on before leaving home. It works like a primer and I love how it feels on the skin. I seldom apply foundation/loose powder or anything of that sort but I still apply this. The only downside (to me) is that it comes with a brush attached but I do not like applying it using the brush so I have to spread the (super soft) bristles apart and squeeze the 'serum' straight onto my fingers to apply it. I love it so much I've just gotten my second one! (Haven't finished using my first one yet but I had a sale voucher so I bought it in advance.)

The eye pencil is in shade 15 and I am crazy over the colour. However, I have pretty oily/sweaty eyelids and due to the shape of my eyes, this smudges easily and I will only use it as an eyeliner when I know I won't be wearing it for long hours (Chanel's waterproof eyeliner still works the best for me!). The YSL eye pencil comes with a smudge 'brush' on one end of the pencil and it is great when I want to smudge it so that it looks slightly like an eyeshadow. THE COLOUR IS INSANELY PRETTY.

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