Monday, 25 May 2015


Skirt | Ohsofickle
Shoes | Zara
Top | Topshop
Bag | Balenciaga
Sunglasses | Retrosuperfuture
Blue leather bracelet | Longchamp

Simple and feminine outfit for brunch with my mum at (obviously) Vivocity! I love pairing grey with pastel colours, especially dusty pink haha. It's one of my favourite colour combinations after black + grey / black + red! This is probably one of my most lady-like looks recently haha. (This skirt is actually BNW tweed though, but black + white = grey, right?)
Crop tops like this really comfortable one I'm wearing are great to be worn with high waisted skirts - they create a really nice proportion and it's one of the most important factor for me when I style outfits for myself! If I already am not very tall, gotta get the proportions right at least haha. That's one of the things that run though my mind when I plan what to wear.
When I first bought this pair of shoes (thanks a lot Evelyn for helping me being it back from UK!) I didn't find it comfortable at all - it's pointed. But after keeping it stuffed with paper for sometime and expanding certain areas which cause my feet to hurt, it feels way better now. I always make sure I keep my shoes with its stuffings, so stays in the shape I want it to be and it makes me feel like I'm wearing a new pair of shoes each time I open the box and see them sitting nicely in its box with all the stuffings in it (cheap thrills lol)!

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