Monday, 28 September 2015

Double Denim

Waxed denim jacket | Zara
Jeans | Mango
Top | Topshop
Romelia Heels | Aldo
Bag | Givenchy

Denim is probably my favourite after leather - especially if they are waxed / distressed. Good fitting jeans are hard to come by and I'll definitely not let any well made & good fitting ones pass me by. This pair of jeans from Mango is perfect for me - no length alterations needed! Just some simple darts at the waist and it fits really well. I love the faux back pockets and the mini split at the ankle, I think these little details make the jeans  more special. They fit my legs really well and has a good stretch without straining the knee too much.

I've had this denim jacket for years, (it's been 4 years I think?!) and it's still one of my favourite denim jackets I own. I always hope I'd gotten in a bigger size, but ohwell. Got it in a Zara sale and I remember how excited to see it in the sale! Check out how I styled it with denim skirts here and here too (please pardon the poorer quality). I can't wait to style it with skirts and dresses again (it's been a longggg time!). Denim dresses/pinafores are super trendy this season but I've never been able to find ones that fit / doesn't look too kiddy on me, but recently I've found this pinafore and this dress on ASOS (Petite range). I might give them a try, the pockets are really tempting!


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