Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Nottingham | 3-4 November '14

Striped knit top | Marks & Spencer
Beanie & dark grey wool cardigan | COS
Bag | Mulberry Boots | Zara Girls
Necklace | Agn├Ęs B.

Smoked salmon with cheese spread on pepper cracker is my all time favourite breakfast/brunch in Notts. It's super easy to put together and is pretty filling (for me) too. Smoked salmon is so expensive in Singapore so I buy them in Notts almost every week (3 packets for £10 in Tesco!) It can easy cost S$15 for one packet here sigh. Till now, I'm still amazed how I survived winter in jeans and not freeze my legs off and when I'm back in Singapore....I wear the same pair of jeans and not feel like my legs are sweating 24/7 hahaha.

I'm obsessed with this sweater. I've always been a huge fan of v-necks and this one is perfect. And recently, I'm loving stripes too! It's such a classic pattern and this sweater gives it a nice twist with irregularly-spaced stripes. The cream and black combo matches everything too. Doing up these posts in Sg really makes me miss layering pieces and creating different autumn/winter looks ._. Nottingham's weather is actually pretty good. The sun is out pretty often (compared to London) and I love the sun shining down on me when the temperature is low!

Also, if anyone realised, most photos I've taken of Ian are just his back view (lol). Well.... I wanna take photos of everything almost all the time so he just walks on and I'll run along to catch up with him after I'm done with taking photos haha. This happens probably 2-3 in a 15 minutes walk LOL.

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