Friday, 6 November 2015

Nottingham | 6 November '14 | Guy Fawkes Night

Went to school to take a chartered bus w Singapore Society 
Bonfire! It was 0 degree that day and even with the fire, it was fucking freezing.
Check out the creepy scream masks.
Not too good for the environment though ._.
Cadbury hot chocolate. Good stuff. 
Chocolate coated stuffs. Bought the strawberry ones. Super expensive though.
Played bumper cars!
I was afraid of bumping into others but Ian said that was the point of the game.
So I started driving into every car (other than those driven by kids) lol.
My favourite carousel + fireworks!
Candy that looks cool but I'll never eat.
Ian's love: Curry chips
Sweater | Topshop
Got a Zara package in the mail and I was super excited.
No such thing as shopping online for Zara in Sg so I went a little crazy in the UK.
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