Tuesday, 29 December 2015

BNW | Leather Accents

PU vest | Thrifted
Sleeveless crepe top | Mango (Suit collection, sold out) (Love this for work too)
Ponte biker leggings | Zara (love this and this too!!)
Bag | Mulberry
Shoes | Sam Rosen (bought in a little mixed label boutique in Vienna)

This crepe top has got to be one of my most worn tops for work and in this outfit, I wanted to up the edge a little so, of course, I had to add some leather to it. Love these boots (super crazy comfortable and easy to run in) I found at a random shoe shop in Vienna which sells a variety of well made leather shoes. They stock different brands from all over the world and I was so thrilled to have found this pair. I was looking for a pair that was, obviously, black leather. In a heeled boot style, has a heel that isn't too chunky but not too slim either so I can walk on cobbled roads and most importantly, has the 'teeth' on the sole for better grip because I plan to wear it around England and everyone knows it's almost always raining in England (though I was lucky to go tons of sunny nice weather in Notts).

This PU vest has been an active part of my wardrobe for a few years now and I've been wanting to get a quality leather biker vest in genuine leather. I have been eyeing one from Agn├Ęs b. but I think it has recently sold out :( I'm pinning my hopes on All Saints to have a wonder leather biker vest when I am in England next summer!


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