Wednesday, 23 December 2015

London | 23 December '14 | Greenwich | Old Royal Naval College

On this day, I decided not to go shopping (mainly because my luggage was soooo full I can't stuff anymore new things in it lol) and decided to go explore a little on my own. Settled on Greenwich and made my way there early morning. It was drizzling a little when I got there and I was thinking ugh, seriously? And then, the rain stopped. Had amazing pastry from a little shop on the way from the train station to the Old Royal Naval College. I actually did not plan to visit it. In fact, I had no idea where I was going to go. I just walked on and stumbled upon and (so glad I did). The campus looks really nice and that ship. Holymoly it is huge.

I love christmas markets and upon reading about one in Greenwich, I knew I had to pop by it (I actually decided to visit Greenwich because I googled 'christmas markets in London' and it popped out among the search results). It was quite a little one but had tons of local craftsmen selling their stuff (and a lot of them are pretty cool). I bought several handmade christmas cards there which I think were pretty cool and there was a little health food store at a corner which I spent quite a lot on. My brother and I like eating fruit bars (esp. organic ones) and I was just having a spree in there. Bought a whole lot of healthy snacks for my bro and I to try out! And on the way back to the train station, I caught an amazing sunset. I am always thankful for every sunset I see but this one was exceptionally beautiful. It started raining soon after the sun had set and I was trying to make my way back to the train station as fast as I could but couldn't resist popping by a candy shop and got Ian some Nerds.

After I got back to London, I realised I had stupidly not checked out the Greenwich Meridian Line ugh. Can't believe I actually missed that out :(

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