Thursday, 31 March 2016

BNW | Simple Silhouette

Bomber jacket | COS
Top & trousers | ASOS Petite
Shoes | Zara
Hat | H&M
Watch | Hugo Boss

As some of you may know, my office has quite a formal dress code and we aren't even allowed to wear jeans on dress down days (we call it business casual). On days like these, I can finally mix and match formal/tailored pieces with casual pieces for work. (Of course, the fedora in these photos was worn for some photo-impact and I didn't wear a hat in the office all day!).

I love smart casual looks - especially wearing jeans with tailored tops and blazer, but since I can't wear that to work, I swopped the dressiness around and chose pieces which are less obviously casual. As I always love to say - good basics go a long way. This outfit is very much made up of basics that I can easily pair with a ton of other things to form at least 10-20 other outfits each. This modal blend tank top from ASOS Petite fits me really well and so do these pants (obviously I had to get them both in other colours too!) Though the top is pretty casual, black and white outfits always work well in the corporate world and I can easily get away with it by wearing a well fitted pair of tailored trousers. Throw on some pointed heels, layer up with a less casual piece over the basic top and all's good!

These heels are probably the pop factor of this outfit. It's the kind of shoes I have to be very careful when walking in because I might just kick myself with it (it's bloody painful - you know we all have those days). Apart from that, they're actually quite easy and comfortable to walk in. It's the perfect height I can wear for several hours and still feel pretty good in. Trousers and pointed heels are one of the most chic and flattering combinations as far as the bottom half is concerned! Whether it's skinny trousers, peg trousers or cigarette trousers, they all look amazing with pointed heels and are great combinations for work.

Apart from one obvious item in an outfit, I like to add subtle details to my outfit too. In this case, it's the leather panel on my bomber jacket. Also, being a lover of black colour, I was totally sold by the matte black zipper. I contemplated real hard on whether I should bring this jacket home with me because of the sleeves but I decided I'm glad I did! The sleeves are obviously too long for me. In case you haven't realised, the leather panel was meant to be around the elbow area. But since I have short arms.... it ends up way below my elbow. Luckily, it doesn't look too awkward after the sleeves are pushed up slightly!


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