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Korea | March 2016 | Day 1 | Seoul

Had a vacation in South Korea with my mum in the last week of March and for my Korea photo diary this time, I wanted to try something different for the layout. Instead of having all the text at the end of the post of just having one-liners/captions for some photos, I will try my best to share where I visited and did in Korea by having short introductions to each aspect alongside the photos. 

Here we go! 
So, my mum and I were in S.Korea from 24-31 March 2016. We have been to Seoul several times in the past years (the only city we've visited in Korea prior to this trip) and we used to just stay for 4 days and shopped 4 days straight (and that was about all we ever did in Korea the past few times we visited). This time, I really wanted to visit other cities so here's where we went:
24th - Seoul
25th to 27th - Jeju
28th - Busan
29th  - Paju
30th-31st - Seoul 
Our flight to Seoul landed in evening and by the time we got to our hotel, it was pretty late at night. The weather was amazing (I love cold weathers) and I was wearing just a jumper and my favourite All Saints leather jacket with leggings. Apparently, it was 3 degrees. LOL. There was no wind that night and as we were making our way from the train station to our hotel, it felt chilly and nice. It didn't even feel like it was below 10 degrees! (I believe the iPhone weather app is pretty accurate haha). 
Bought a bunch of pastries from Tous les Jours at Incheon International Airport right after we landed because I was starving (took a budget airline) and this Milk Cornet was pretty good. Actually, everything I bought there were pretty good.
All Saints leather jacket | Zara Girls boots | Topshop leggings | ASOS jumper
Please pardon my tired-as-hell-no-make-up face. 
Actually, I barely wore any makeup in Korea. Or any other vacations (apart from lipstick and the occasional concealer). I haven't used foundation in almost a year (even in Sg). I know Koreans are really famous for having flawless on point make-up but I can't really be bothered. Oops. 
Also, my jumper was shedding madly on the inside and was impossible for me to wear it any more (without having white fluff shedding all around me all the time) so I left it in the hotel and this will be the last we see of it. (p.s. this was also what I wore on the flight over)
We dropped our bags in the room after checking out and went straight to get some snacks (for dinner) from the convenience store right opposite our hotel. There were many peach (my fav food) flavoured items available in Korea and I was realllyyyy excited to try a ton of them. Here's the first one! Kind of sweet but still pretty good. Also, the Calbee chips are amazing too!
Because we had a morning flight to catch the next morning, we chose a hotel based on its location. This one was just a few train stations away from Gimpo Airport and was quite reasonably priced. The photos online looked pretty lovely and true enough, the hotel is really nice (to my mum and I, at least). It was cosy and had really nice decor. The guy who checked us in barely spook English but we still managed to get everything in place. Every customer of this hotel would be given a pack of toiletries and random bits (as photographed above) such as toothbrush, tooth paste,  shower gel, face mask samples, shower cap and condoms. LOL. Well I already sort of guessed what kind of hotel it was when I first entered and there were young couples walking in and out haha but it was still quite amusing to find condoms in the welcome gift pack lol. 
And no, I didn't hear anything throughout the night. Or maybe I was just too tired and slept like a pig. 
We hurried over to Gimpo Airport the next morning for our flight to Jeju. Follow the tag 'travel' to see more of my travel photo diaries!


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