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Korea | March 2016 | Day 3 | Jeju | Maze Park | Manjanggul Cave | Seopjikoji | Innisfree

So....this is one of the reasons why (apart from the amazing house) I love this airbnb so much! The long straight road with trees lined up along it so absolutely gorgeous and I am very very very much wanting to go back in autumn and stay there again. I bet it will look even more amazing with the trees all covered in orange leaves / bald (or even covered in snow)!! It was freeezzzzing cold that day and I got on 3 layers of wool. Finally got to wear one of my favourite wool coats out and about (because it's too bloody warm in Singapore to be walking around in it all day) and I love it. It's has the perfect length, colour, sleeves and waist belt. Actually, the entire cut fits me so darn well! Also, all of you know I'm a huge fan of gunmetal hardware. It's such a joy to find a grey coat with gunmetal hardware on sale at JPO (Johor Premium Outlets) last August on discount and requires no alterations. Only downside is that it is truly for kids and the pockets are not as deep as most other adult trench coats and I can't put my phone in without worrying that it'll fall out while I'm walking around. I was over the moon when I found it at JPO - especially since it's in one of my favourite colours and fits so well. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect black classic trench coat and when I have the time (and extra bucks for shopping) I'm sure Burberry Kids will definitely be the first place I look!
Our first stop on our second day in Jeju is the Maze Park. I'll admit it right away - we cheated. HAHA. The entrance ticket came with maps of the various mazes. It was a lovely walk and we cheated our way through 2 mazes before having ice cream (though it was so freaking cold). I love Preferé ice cream and they used to be sold in West Mall but I can't find it anywhere around Singapore anymore. It's so dense and flavourful, my mum and I love it. 
 I love walking in the sun while its cold and I'm glad the weather in Korea was pretty good when we were there. I kept avoiding the shades so that the sun can warm me up! (the total opposite happens in Singapore lol)
Let's take a moment to talk about Wally, shall we?
Where's Wally?
That's one of my favourite games growing up. I had many Where's Wally? activity books and I absolutely loved completing them and search for Wally.
I was at a Halloween party w Ian in 2014 and was so excited when I saw someone addressed as Wally   but Ian didn't quite know who Wally was (both literally and the game LOL)
Another time I was at Havaianas sale and there was a limited edition Where's Wally pair of slippers. I kid you not, I literally stood there for at least 5 minutes trying to look for Wally and didn't leave till I spot him. 
So.... I'm sure it's no surprise what I spent most of my time in this game showcase space doing!
Headed over to Manjanggul Cave after the Maze park. It was quite a short drive away and it was genuinely pretty dark (or maybe my night vision sucks lol). There were random droplets of water falling on our heads from time to time and my mum had her hood up the entire time. It wasn't too exciting a walk for us because we had to exit the way we entered. I think it took us half the time to walk out (as compared to walking in) and we were literally constantly looking at the ground watching where we were going because it was slippery and the ground was very uneven. 
Drove along the Seopjikoji Coast (or at least that's what I thought I was driving on) next in hopes of seeing a sea of yellow flowers but well, these were all I saw. Rather disappointing, ohwell. Our main destination was Innisfree Cafe for dinner and it's pretty darn far away (I drove soooo much that day wth my knees hurt the next 2 days like an old person) Past by a short row of shop houses and decided to stop over for lunch. Had amazing abalone porridge and realised that the Aquarium was a walkable distance away so we went to have a look around (nothing much that caught my interest there) and bought an amazing peach korean candy (which I thought was gum initially) - featured in the last photo of this post alongside realllyyyy good peach jelly drink. Had a walk along the coast (no idea if that was the Seopjikoji Coast I was looking for at all though) and saw a bunch of people riding horses along the beach. How awesome. 
Finally got to Innisfree after a veryyyyyyy long drive. It was probably just 30-45 minutes before the café's closing time and we quickly placed our orders. The food was amazing, and so were the drinks. Seriously, we loved everything we ordered. The sweet potato latte was amazing. Best drink I've had in the entire Korea trip (apart from peach). Also, let's talk about the sunset. One of the most amazing sunsets ever. The weather was lovely and the sky was just an absolute beauty.
Also, never realised that the zips on my skirt were functional and the pockets are real till this day. Seriously a pleasant surprise! (Really wished I wore grey tights instead of black ones though....) 
New Look Generation skirt | United Colours of Benetton Knit
Burberry Girls coat | Zara Girls boots | Agnès b. necklace
Photo above: taken by my mum while I was driving
Photo below: I literally stopped my car in the middle of the road and wind down my window just to get this shot. How awesome is it?!

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