Thursday, 16 June 2016

Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket | Istanbul, Turkey
White tee (UK2) | ASOS Petite (non petite here)
Jeans | Zara
Bag | Mulberry

This post is kind of a throwback, reminding me of good (cooling) times in Turkey with my mum last October (long overdue photo diary will be up this October!). I found some old photos of these crazily delicious treats on my computer and decided to add them here (random, I know). Never knew figs and walnuts could go so well together. My family's favourite is hands down the walnut filled dates. The flavours and textures work so well together and I wish I could find it in Singapore too.

This leather jacket was one of my favourite purchases in Istanbul. My mum and I were there with a tour group and one of the places we visited was the Grand Bazaar (given free time there). Just as what our very knowledgable and friendly tour guide said, it was a total tourist trap. Tons of shop owners tried to speak to my mum and I in various asian languages, trying to get us to sample teas etc. I was only interested in looking for one item. I know Turkey is famous for good quality leather, so that was exactly what I was looking out for. I already bought a leather cap in Cappadocia before heading to Istanbul and I'm totally obsessed over the super soft leather. When I got to the Grand Bazaar, I went straight towards the leather section. There were literally tons of stalls selling leather jackets and I went straight to the one which sells entirely kids' leather jackets. Perfect for me! I ended up getting this from the boys section. I love the slightly cropped and boxy fit. The sleeves were slightly toooo baggy for me and the store owner kindly offered to alter it for me, for free! I made my order and came back 1.5 hours later to collect it and it's now one of my favourite biker jackets alongside my All Saints one. The leather is soooo soft and supple, plus the sleeves aren't long on me at all!


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