Monday, 25 July 2016

Vest & Blazer | Navy

Blue Blazer (size 32) | H&M
Vest (vintage) | Dolce & Gabbana 
Skirt (UK2) | ASOS Petite 
Ribbed vest (UK4) & boots | ASOS

I love a good layer once in a while (by that, I mean at least thrice a week)! Picked up this navy vintage vest a few years back and haven't worn it as a middle piece so far so I thought - why not? It went perfectly well with this navy blazer and I love how they look together. Kept the rest of the look simple with black and white. It can look really formal if paired with a white blouse, some tailored cigarette trousers and pointed heels (for times when I want to go all out) but since I'm such a huge fan of smart casual outfits, I went with a simple ribbed tank top, a mini ponte skirt and some ankle boots (which was my footwear companion during my recent trip to UK & Europe - just got back yesterday!). I always love how pointed boots manage to smarten up an outfit / keep an outfit really chic but still smart even though it has so much attitude to it. Pointed boots are probably my favourite footwear! They are (usually) easy to put on/take off and are so runnable in and I always wear boots for my dance performances because they can look so cool yet easy to move around in too.

In this outfit, I went with a simple pointed pair with buckles. I actually had another pair which were really similar (around the same shaft height, heel height, buckles and all) and they were one of my very first pair of boots from ASOS. The only part of that pair that made me decide to give it up is its rounded toe. One day while doing some online shopping, I came across this pair and decided that this was the perfect replacement. Although this pair has a way heavier block heel, the pointed toe was gorgeous and I absolutely love pairing this with almost everything - shorts, skirts, trousers, jeans, dresses - literally everything! All that's needed are a pair of socks that go higher than the boot shaft. Since then, I stopped shunning online shops when looking for good quality and reasonably priced genuine leather boots. Buying shoes online can be a huge risk, especially if the sites do not offer free return services. When purchasing shoes online, I always consider the country of origin of the brand, and also make sure I know my shoe size in different countries' measurements. Apart from always reading reviews (if available), I also tend to turn to brands I already own when shopping online so the chances of having a good fit are increased. Also, buying boots online is more forgiving (always size up if unsure) as socks can help to make the fit better and increase comfort!

Also, this modal blend singlet top is everything. It's so insanely soft and comfy (it's modal, of course!) and I couldn't resist getting it in several colours - black and grey too (if they are even considered 'colours'). And if that's not enough, I got them in petite versions too (in the exact same colours!) There are so many versions out there in different fabrics. Singlet / tank tops are often not allowed in offices where the dress codes are smart casual to formal. Having such tops in different fabrics actually change the 'feel' of the outfit more than we think they do. I can easily get away with wearing a silk singlet with trousers and boyfriend blazer for formal meetings (of course, the rest of the outfit plays a big part too - especially the blazer in this case!). The ultimate formal look would be to go for a blazer and a shirt but I don't usually go for that combination (unless it's a printed or sheer shirt) as it reminds me way too much of going to court. Also, singlets and tank tops are sleeveless, which work way better in keeping cool in this humid Singapore weather! 


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