Monday, 1 August 2016

Beige and Blue

Blazer (XS) | Zara
Cami ( XS) | Mango
Linen blend pants (9-10 y/o) | Zara girls
Watch | Agnès B.
V angle necklace | ShopClementine
Plectrum necklace | Posh Totty Designs
Shoes | Mango

There's something about beige and blue in the same outfit that feels polished and put together despite the really casual (and unfortunately easily creased) fabric of this gorgeous pair of trousers. Was super excited to find them in stores last summer and had a hell of a great (comfortable) time wearing them. I spend a lot of time sitting at the desk at work and trousers that crease easily just gets embarrassing after a couple of hours but this pair is so comfy, it's worth it (plus, I sit in a corner so no one really sees me anyway haha). Wished it was slightly more tapered at the hem but that's nothing a tailor can't help with. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have it tapered one day!


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