Sunday, 16 October 2016

Korea | March 2016 | Day 8 | Dumplings & Back Home

COS black long jumper | Zara Girls striped sweatshirt | All Saints leather jacket

Didn't do much on the last day, having a flight to catch. Wandered around the neighbourhood and found this really lovely little dumpling place (apparently pretty popular with locals too) in a back alley. A guy giving out flyers on the main road brought us in and initially, we wanted to escape and make a detour to walk away but I'm so glad we didn't. Seriously yummy dumplings! Loved the filling.

And also, this was my airport outfit. I don't wear leggings without tops that wouldn't cover my bum. really wanted to go for a striped sweatshirt and leather jacket look but didn't have a chance to the entire trip so I had to make it work on the last day. This super soft striped sweatshirt was too cropped to cover my bum, so I layered it with a longline jumper underneath. A light grey one would be perfect but I only had a black one with me then!


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