Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Turkey | October 2015 | Day 3 | Cappadocia | Hot Air Balloon | Göreme

On me: Checkered shirt (XS) | Zara
Knit (S) | Zara
Jeans | Korea
Boots | Zara Girls

So... we woke up at 5am for the hot air balloon ride! The ride would be impossible if the wind was too strong that day and apparently, there were no hot air balloons operating the day before we came and the day after we left, so we were really lucky!!

It was our first ride on a hot air balloon and it was really cool. We missed the first half of the sunrise because our ride was almost cancelled due to the wind but the moment we got the green light, literally everyone waiting in the hotel lobby rushed to their cars and drove towards the hot air balloon ground.We watched them start the fire and then were briefed about what to do while preparing to land. It was a super chill ride in the air and the view was simply breathtaking.

We then visited a silk spinning workroom, carpet showroom and a leather fashion show (like all guided tours would visit) and I really wanted to buy a leather jacket but they were all too big for me (expected) lol and there were no kids sizes available ohwell.

We had lunch and dinner both underground and chilled at a lookout area on the way back to the hotel!.Dinner included dances and music, and it was a nice chilly night just the kind of weather I like!


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