Thursday, 9 February 2017

same old combination

Tweed jacket (S) | Motivi
Tee & trousers (UK2) | ASOS Petite
Shoes | McQueen
Watch | Hugo Boss

Surprise surprise, another black and white outfit for work! I have definitely worn similar combinations many other times. Tweed is one of my favourite textile but it's so difficult to find nice ones around (plus the usual petite fit problem....) so my favourites will definitely appear on this space many many times! The shorter style Motivi jacket worn in this photos and this longline one I scored in Taipei a couple of years back. I realised that I barely style my blazers/tweed jackets casually anymore because they are my essentials for work and when the weekend hits, I miss my denims so much that I usually reach straight for something denim (especially the really ripped ones) whenever I'm dressing up during the weekend. That also happens every time there's a offsite work event and we finally get the smart casual dresscode - my colleague and I always have the feeling that it's time for the denim to shine, and the more distressed the denim the better! It also doesn't help much that our office is situated in the same building as one of the bigger PR companies in SG, and (I think) they can get away with wearing jeans every day of the week. Much envy.


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