Monday, 27 March 2017

classic stripe

Blouse (UK4) | New Look Petite
Trousers (EU34) & heels | Zara
Bomber cardigan (XS) | COS Men

I have been loving New Look Petite for workwear this past year and this classic striped blouse is such a wardrobe staple! The twist is in the really high slit on both sides, which make it easier to just tuck one side of the shirt, something I like to do quite often (not sure if that's tacky?? but wtv haha)
Teamed it with this bomb bomber jacket (lol) - it was love at first sight, mainly because of the pockets and the leather panel on the arms, even though the sleeves are wayyyy too long for me and the panels are no where near my elbow (where they were meant to be) when i straighten my arms. Ohwell.