Wednesday, 8 March 2017


one random photo from the DKNY event that day (longggg ago)

Longline blazer (XS) | Giordano Ladies
Blouse (XS) | In Good Company
Skirt (11-12 y/o) | Zara Kids
Shoes | Hugo Boss
Bag | Bally
Necklaces | Agn├Ęs b.

This blazer remains on the top 3 of my favourite blazer/coats of all time (despite the ever-growing collection). Seriously, the quality is amazing  - Giordano Ladies make really great quality items (I'm not sure if they're related to the usual Giordano we see in almost every neighbourhood mall) I always make sure to check them out during the sales just because the original prices of some items can be really pricey, like $100 for a tee. This blazer is buttonless and not too heavyweight for the SG weather, but keeps its shape so amazingly well! The pockets are not too low, exactly how I like my jacket pockets.

On to the second grey piece (well, partly grey), this drape-back tee. In Good Company is one of my favourite SG labels (I really enjoy supporting local labels)! They make really nice quality garments and the aesthetic reminds me a little of COS - around the same price mark too, I would say. Now that I think back, it seems like this fold drape detail might be a signature of theirs! I also have a beige-peachy cami from In Good Company from a couple of years ago, check how I wore it to SG Fashion Week back then here!

And finally the last grey item - this pleated skirt! This skirt has been on this space numerous times along with its black pleated twin. Love how different shades of greys come together!


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