Sunday, 12 March 2017

Turkey | October 2015 | Day 6 | Pergamon | TROY | Canakkale

Pistachio flav (and superrrrr cheap!!!!)
the view was seriously amazing
yup. i made her stand there longer than she wanted to
so i could get this photo haha
i'll never get tired of taking photos of trees and the sun
yeah i love taking photos of plants a lot.
even those that are on the brink of death. 
one of my fav photos from this day.
thanks to those 2 who were right where they were.
tee | pull & bear
this photo is the most edited one in this post.
love the framing but the trees looked really mehhh.
I barely edit any of my photos (esp travel ones) apart from lightings and
random spots caused by dirty lens!
creepy/cute but do not smell lovely at all.
one of the best sunsets ever, and another the very next day!

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