Sunday, 30 April 2017

linen leather

Linen shirt (UK6) & shoes | Marks & Spencer
Skirt (11/12y/o) | Zara Girls
Bag | Balenciaga
Watch | Emporio Armani

I'm not usually too picky with food but I really really like the food at Super Loco. Quinoa looks creepy to me though. I try not to look when I eat it.

We all know M&S does good quality basics. After seeing my mum abusively wear her M&S linen striped shirt (always looks good despite the creases) I decided to get one of my own. Chanced upon this grey one on sale and I love it! It's also really rare to find something in UK6/8 in the M&S sales in SG. The buttons actually have a marbled print effect - that's pretty awesome.

Also, got those marigold drinks and my fav is def the white peach juice. No surprise - my fav food ever is white peach!


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