Tuesday, 4 April 2017

pastels | textures

big-eye filter on yueli's phone. any bigger my eyes would be creepy.

Jacket | Korea
Cami (XS) | Zara
Skirt (9-10y/o) | Zara Girls
Shoes | Kurt Geiger
Bag | Bally

This jacket. AHH. Found it in an outlet mall when I was in Paju (Korea) with my mum last spring at a really nice shop - I had such a difficult time choosing between 3 jackets. I'd have gotten all 3 if not for having purchased a leather vest from Maje earlier that day, which obviously was a lot of money despite being on 50% off. So I decided to go with this one, which was the most lightweight one out of the 3 (hence most practical for SG, finally thinking straight while shopping), and it looked amazing with the all black outfit I had on that day. This time for an event, I went all pastel with it with  my fav cami and pleat skirt. Love the slight oversize fit too (which is basically 90% of my jackets because I can't find jackets tiny enough to fit me and I just like oversized outerwear in general)!


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