Friday, 30 June 2017

11 octobre 2016

Dress (UK4) | Banana Republic Petite
Jacket (XXS) | Zara
Shoes | Alexandre Birman
Bag | Chanel
Leather bracelet | Agn├Ęs B.

Love the lights at Raffles Hotel Arcade at night!
This pair of shoes has the slimmest heel among all the shoes I own, but it is surprisingly really walkable in and really stable (unless I get it stuck on the escalator, which I did just the other day and really unglamorously barefooted desperately trying to get it out before we reached the end of the escalator lol).
Also really adore my birthday gift from ian - the star leather bracelet, which you guys saw here when I wore it as a choker to the Self Portrait show last year with Evelyn!

Also, I am devastated that Banana Republic closed all its UK stores. Banana Republic Petite makes some of my favourite workwear staples. sigh.

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