Friday, 21 July 2017


Skirt (EU32) | H&M
Top (XS) | Promod
Bag | Chanel
Boots | ASOS
Necklace | Agnès B.

Everytime I wear an all black outfit, I really want to title the post something related to black but I guess that happens way to frequently and I'm currently out of all-black related outfit titles so I'll shift the focus this time to the back view of the outfit instead!
The cut out on the back of this sweater makes it unique (and more ventilation lol). The fabric is really nice and soft - I've had it for years (check out this really old post where I styled this top in a totally different way!)
The zipper on the back of this skirt really stands out too, shiny silver and all, against the black fabric. I'm not usually a fan of zipper details but am surprisingly alright with this one. Maybe it's because it's at the back and I can't really see it lol.


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