Thursday, 14 September 2017

Denver | 28-31 Aug 2016

literally my airport outfit
Religion hoody | Topshop boots
Selected Femme blazer | Zara tee | ASOS Petite Trousers | Topshop boots
Amazing lift lobby at my apartment

Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Denver, Colorado for a work trip. Of course, my mum came along with me <3

We took a direct flight to SF (15 hrs ish) and got on another plane to Denver. It was pretty warm when the sun's out but slightly cooler during the night. We arrived in Denver on a Sunday late afternoon and we had a walk around Lower Downtown's main street to figure out where my office was, where we could buy a SIM card and where we could get groceries. Ordered takeaway from a toast shop for our first meal (dinner) in USA (yup, our first time in America) and it was so darn good. Also, the free transport service on 16th street is the best.

Got an apartment near the office and I really enjoyed its location. I felt like it was just outside LoDo but still near enough to walk. Our office is literally across one tiny street from the main train station (which has pretty good food). I seriously love walking to work every morning because it was only 8-15 degrees (Celsius) in the early morning and I enjoy the cool air A LOT. Even the nights do not get as cool. The apartment I stayed at feels like a condominium (with pool and BBQ pits and all) and I felt so at home.

Also, about the last photo: we stocked up on snacks right away and bought ice cream too. I was really excited t try the red velvet Oreos because I don't think we had that in SG. Was not overly impressed by it. Instead, we crushed and ate them with vanilla ice cream - now that was delicious. Did the same to Famous Amos too! I am obsessed with Reese's dark choc peanut butter cups and was so happy to find so many variations of dark choc peanut butter cups in the US but honestly, Reese's ones are still No. 1 to me.


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