Saturday, 23 September 2017


Silk top (XS) | COS
Bralette (Clover ver.2) | Perk by Kate
Leather jacket (UK8) | Topshop
Skirt (UK2) | ASOS Petite
Boots | Topshop via Zalora
Bag | Givenchy
Necklace (actually a leather bracelet) | Agn├Ęs B.
Watch | Hugo Boss
Cuff | ASOS

Went to the TopshopTopman X Zalora Open House event at Beach Road Preview on Wednesday with Yueli and loved the installations + the food (omg the lemon tart and ham & cheese croissant were so good). It's a super cool location - same venue as the cocktail festival earlier this year. Loved the warehouse/industrial vibes always. Saw this wrap dress in star print and I freaking love it. Unfortunately the Zalora site didn't stock it in UK4. This striped dress also caught Yueli's eye! But also kind of big on her so we ended up not getting anything at the event. Best part about the night was definitely people watching! It's something I always love doing, and I always have to try not to look like a creep while at it.

Now on to the outfit! I have been wanting to wear this top for the longest time - it's silk (y'all know I love silk haha) and I scored it in a COS sale 2 years ago. Yes, 2 years ago and I finally got the chance to wear it this week lol. I went with my favourite longline bralette under it - I love it so much I actually have it in 3 different colours. Perk by Kate is definitely one of my favourite bralette labels of all time and of course, support local!!

It was a Topshop event so I naturally wanted to incorporate some Topshop items in my outfit and this leather jacket I got in London earlier this year was the first thing I settled on for the outfit. Actually no, sorry I lied. These amazing boots were the first thing I settled on. They are high (enough), really well fitting and sped comfy to walk the whole day in (because it was a weekday and I had to go to work). Love it so much that I have them in snake print too (check out how I styled them here!). Back to the jacket... I saw it on the way to the till in Oxford Circus' Topshop and it was the smallest size hanging on the racks then. I was in too much of a hurry to ask for a smaller size so I just went with UK8. It was made to be oversized so it was REALLY EXTREMELY oversized on me! Not complaining though, I do like how it looks on me still.

And finally, this skirt - it's amazing!!!! Love the fit (seriously, the existence of UK2 is the reason why I love ASOS so much) and the design of it - the print, colours and slit at the hem. Excluding the pearls though. But I couldn't find a replacement for the pearls in time for the event so I went with it anyway. It arrived literally a day before the event and I even had the tag on when I left home! Didn't realise it at all till I left my house and had to look for a scissors on the go. It's wool blend - perfect for fall, but also really well lined so it's still ok for SG weather. Checks are super in this season (but no, that's not the reason why I ordered this skirt in the first place) and I'm so glad because I've always liked checks. It's classic (kind of like stripes) and I we all know I love good basics!