Sunday, 1 October 2017

Denver | 7-9 Sept 2016

super yummy thin crust fig pizza at an italian place just opposite the office
my mum's gnna scream at me when she sees this
p.s. I'm still waiting for the day she can take such glowy shots for me haha
one of my fav shots of my mum! 
grey longline blazer (UK6) | Miss Selfridge
lyocell shirt (UK8) | United Colours of Benetton

We walked across the river just behind our apartment towards the historic district for dinner one night and I love it there! It's such a nice neighbourhood with tons of cool restaurants. My colleague highly recommended Little Man ice cream and of course, I had to pop by to try out some of their flavours. A classic flav to get in America (in my opinion) is cookie dough, and that is exactly what we ordered. It was such a cold night and I love eating ice cream when it's super cold haha. No, I lied. I love eating ice cream any day, any time. But especially so when it's cold! I remember eating ice-cream on a super cold day in Nottingham a few winters ago and when I got home I was so cold that I ended up squatting beside the heater to finish my ice cream. No regrets haha. Back to American ice cream - they all remind me of Ben & Jerry's lol. There's something about the texture that makes me feel that way. All the ice cream I've had in USA had the B&J's vibe lol. Conclusion: (I'm not discriminating any ice cream but) I def prefer gelato! That said, I do love all kinds of ice cream. My mum and I popped by a Japanese mart yesterday and I spent $40 on ice-cream there (they have one of the most amazing peach ice creams in SG). Life is good.

Oh and, I scored this lyocell shirt at the Paju outlet mall when my mum and I went to Korea in spring 2016. It was such a great bargain!


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