Friday, 10 November 2017

New York City | Williamsburg | Smorgasburg | 17 Sept 2016

we left Colorado super early in the morning and headed to nyc!! it was actually hailing when we woke up. pretty cool! 

hotel window view through not-so-clean glass
we stayed literally on the street between chinatown and soho

we started making our way to smorgasburg as soon as we got to check in and left our bags in the hotel room. it was the only weekend i was going to be in nyc and i didn't want to miss it. the stalls were already starting to pack up soon after we arrived! 

super cool street art all around. love it so much!!!!
all saints tank top | zara kids boots
this stuff is so darn good!!!!
i really like this photo. no idea why. 
such beautiful sunset

so we were just walking around aimlessly and chanced upon this pier(?)/boardwalk kind of area where people were jogging/walking their dogs etc. and this amazing sunset. i was literally thinking to myself - wow, first day in nyc and it's already this amazing. later that night i realised that there were bombs that went off around new york/new jersey that very day. news articles i read reported 0 deaths.
thank goodness.

love this shop sign. love ice cream too.
i don't remember the exact flavours i got but i remember they taste good haha
but texture reminds me of ben & jerry's still. 
went into whole foods to have a look around and got dinner part ii.
(part i was ice-cream! typical me.)

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