Monday, 16 April 2018

bored already?

Tweed jacket | Motivi
Tee (UK4) | ASOS
Trouses (11-12 y/o) | Zara girls
Shoes | McQueen

I hope no one ever gets tired of seeing this jacket on this space! No guesses needed - I really love this tweed jacket a lot haha. Instead of pairing it with my usual black & white get up, I went with a greyish overall colour palette. That's just how versatile this jacket is and it goes to show how well it works with the rest of my wardrobe, something I always look for when investing in a new addition to my wardrobe. Of course, another difficulty I face is that I always end up fancying items that look pretty similar to things I already own! That still needs to be worked on (a lot) lol.


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