Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Touch of Red

v-back bodycon dress (worn as top) - The Scarlet Room
pleated skirt - Zara Girls
draped blazer - Bangkok
belt - thrifted
necklace - Korea
shoes - Balenciaga
leather envelope clutch - Laurige

Muffins from Alexandra Village Food Centre
personal favourite: apple crumble

Just out the chiller

top left to right - Sourz Apple, Expresso Martini, Strawberry Martini Cheesecake
bottom left to right - Jagerbomb, Lychee Martini (personal favourite), Baileys Mint Chocolate
more flavorus on Jeliquor!

Went to collect these yummy jellies at Albert Court Village Hotel some time back. They look almost exactly like shots and are so fun to eat/slurp.

School just started and all black ensembles are my good friends.
Bought the envelope clutch/file for days where I only have one/two lessons so I wouldn't need to bring my entire school bag. The leather doesn't get scratched easily and is good to use as a backing when I get a seat with a faulty table.
Reached lecture 30mins late after collecting the jellies and the lecture ended 45mins early that day. Great, I went to school and attended a lecture for 15mins.

Been wearing this skirt to death recently, love it so much I bought it in both colours (black and light peach).
I love you Zara Girls, could you please please please please make some leather skirts too? I will buy every single design
Speaking of Zara, I'm surprised that I didn't buy any shoes during the recent Zara sales (yet). This is amazing.

Okay I'm too random but that's just how my brain works.

This is my wordiest post thus far, please let me know what you guys think about it!