Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Favourite Printed Skirt.

Escargots and truffle chocolate ice-cream from Saizeriya

From Meidi-ya

CNY meringue goodies, Mont Blanc, rum & raisin cake and honey apples from Tampopo Deli/Dulcet & Studio

Dark coloured ring in the middle - honey. No idea how the farmers got in in there but it's so yummy.

skirt - lovelysally
cropped tee - Pull & Bear
cross tights and boots - ASOS
Love this skirt so much.
Black based (I love black)
Bolts (I love lightning bolts)
Black and yellow combination (Just like my beloved Pikachu)
Made in Italy (super good quality and I love well made items)
Grunged (the bolts have some kind of black smudge/wash to it and there are bolts of different shapes and sizes)

Peach PEACH. How can I ever have enough of them. I'd buy the entire shelf of peach drinks/jelly drinks if I had the money. Ever since I couldn't find Jelly Joy in peach flavour, I've been feeling peach-jelly-derived. How I wished I found these sooner. The answer to almost all my peachy prayers.

Tampopo Deli at Liang Court has one of the best Japanese desserts in Clarke Quay (according to me)!
Their steak looked really good too so I went back a few days later to try it (and yes, it was so darn awesome). Photo(s) of it coming soon. My mum and I polished it off within 10 minutes.

Happy Lunar New Year / Happy Holidays!

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