Monday, 11 March 2013

Dulcet & Studio

the floor. lol.


so darn yummy.

knit skirt - bought in Melbourne
white top - Trucco
faux leather jacket and propeller bracelet (men's) - ASOS
shoes - Blink via ASOS
spike bracelet - Regal Rose
rings - agnès b and Sam Ubhi
bag - CKJ
Dulcet & Studio has the best steak I've eaten in Clarke Quay so far. It's so awesome.
Words can't describe how delicious it is. (I can't describe how delicious it is lol.)
They have many desserts too. Love their Mont Blanc and there's a sweet potato one too (I forgot its name). And pudding. Oh pudding. Looks like I'm not gonna like it but I actually do, just that I need someone to share it with me. Love the texture of it.
Bought this skirt in one of Melbourne's departmental stores last year. Miss the days I spent sightseeing and roaming around its little allies. Can't wait to visit my friend there.

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