Monday, 20 May 2013

Fairy Dust

dress - The Scarlet Room
denim jacket - Tripp NYC
shoes - Zara
belt - Dark Leather
watch - Nixon
bracelet - By Invite Only
necklace - Curated Editions

Checked out Blueprint at The Pit Building.

Finally, my first laptop case!
Sadly (me being me), it's not real leather. But it's water resistant and that's good enough. For now.

Bought and wore the amazing belt immediately. Pure leather, pure goodness.
Customized the half purple and half black sides of it, and took me long enough to finally own a thick belt.

My denim jacket had been shedding its glitter throughout the night :/ the cut is awesomelyoversized just the way I like it.


  1. Edgy and fierce! You look so scorching hot in that outfit! Your monochromatic themed look was a success! I'm totally diggin' it, Clara!


    1. Thanks a lot Argie! Your comments are so sweet <3

    2. It's my pleasure, dear! ♥