Friday, 17 May 2013

Taipei Photo Diary ||

right beside my hotel yaye

mummy's top from Betty Barclay (via Isetan)

one of my favourite photos the entire trip

so good, so, so darn good.

wagyu, oh yummy wagyu.

the moon looks fake ._.

a little disappointing I would say

tee - Billabong
Jeans - Zipia
Trench coat - Zara Girls
Boots - Zara
Cap - Izzue

Everything (almost) was soooo yummy. Especially dinner at Wine Kampai. Awesome day shopping and I spent so much holyshit.

Every time I visit Taipei, I return with a hat/cap. This cap is such a dream. Denim and fits pretty well (provided it isn't windy when I wear it). Oh and it did a great job keeping the drizzle away from my face lol. Too lazy to hold an umbrella.

Spent a total of 3 days in Taipei, more photos soon!

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