Thursday, 16 May 2013

Taipei Photo Diary |

BEST CHOCOLATE WHISKY MACARONS EVERRRR. Regret not bringing any back to sg.

Dino tee dress - agnès b
trench coat - Zara Girls
boots - Zara
Super short trip because I already bought the tickets some time ago.
It was 23degrees when I landed and it rained all day long grrrr. My hood is my umbrella lol.
Subsequent days were much warmer (pretty much like Singapore) and rained a little less.

I finallyyyyyy got to visit one of the agnès b cafe. I hope one opens in sg soon, everything is so yummy. More on that soon!

Awesome, work starts tomorrow. Looking forward to see some familiar faces at SIM.


  1. The sandwich looks so mouth-watering. Just by looking at it, I can already tell that the meat is very juicy! I hope to go there someday! Awesome post, Clara!


    1. Thanks Argie!! <3
      Yeah the sandwich was superrrr yummy, actually most of the food and street snacks in Taipei are really good! I love to eat and shop at the same time (if the shops allow) when I visit Taipei :)

    2. Yes! I'll definitely visit that awesome place someday! Thank you so much for this! Very informative and amazing! ♥