Thursday, 27 March 2014


Photos of me by Si Rui
Top | XHysteria
Tweed skirt | Zipia
Shoes | Zara
Bag | Givenchy
Necklace | ASOS

Awesome night out at AF and No.5 with Sirui (and Ernest), had never tried so hard to speak French properly in Singapore lol. Felt almost as stressed as when I was having French oral exams, gosh.

Side note, yaye I've finally bought my first mascara ever: Dior Show. Applied it for the first time in these photos (although it's not very obvious lol) and it's pretty good, in my opinion. Easy application and minimal clumping. Lucky me, I didn't do much research before getting a mascara (I had a 'just whack' mentality while purchasing it) and I'm glad Dior Show turned out pretty well!


  1. all is perfect, so pretty and chic , I love totally this look ! I love your tastes ! ♥

  2. Great blog, great looks ! As my firend Tanya , I'm fan and glad to follow you ! ♥ ♥ ♥