Monday, 28 April 2014


These boots. Where do I even start.

They just came in the mail and I want exams to end NOW so that I can dress up and style this when I go out. 

Reasons why this pair of boots is fawesome
1. Fucking soft leather
2. Its fucking GREY!
3. Gorgeous print
4. Really high but still walkable (for me)
5. I can run in them
6. Its really light for a pair of leather boots
7. Fucking well made (made in Italy) (more will be said when I actually wear them out)
8. Came really quick after I ordered (less than a week) via DHL 
9. It comes in half sizes too
10. It's awkward to stop at 9 so here's a 10th reason: Even the dust bag and box that came with it is so pretty LOL (first 2 photos)

Downside: I wished I had ordered half a size bigger.
All the rest of my Kurt Geiger Boots fit fine but I felt like this pair in half a size bigger would be more comfortable for me. 

(First photo: black dust bag | second photo: White shoe box)

I'm so excited for Kurt Geiger to open its first shop in Singapore (sometime in May, I heard).
I can't wait. 

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