Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Witch's Hat

Hat & top | H&M
Linen blazer | thrifted
Bralette | ASOS
Shorts | Mango
Boots | Marks & Spencer
Necklace | Agnès b
Leather bracelet | Balenciaga
Watch | Nixon

Sorry for the lack of posts for the past few weeks!
I've been travelling around Europe with my mum (Poland, Czech Republic and Austria) and right now I'm finally in Nottingham spending my days entertaining and annoying Ian (yaye!)
I've just gotten myself a Macbook Air and to be honest it took me a lot of time trying to get used to blogging using it (I've been using Windows all my life, till now lol). Thankfully, I've got most things figured out now and hopefully I can get the photos I took in Europe up soon because IT'S AUTUMN AND EVERYTHING'S SO PRETTY.
I spent several (sg) hours of my birthday (11 Oct) on the plane to London and reached London at 5 ish am on 11 Oct, just in time to celebrate my birthday with Ian and Evelyn. Had a great pleasant surprise at dinner (dinner was so good) all thanks to two of my best friends (more on that to come).
Before I left I also got to meet up with many friends to celebrate my birthday in advance and though it's a little late now, I'm really thankful for all the birthday wishes and gifts! (Got myself some amazing birthday gifts too while shopping around Europe hehe).
Now that I have the time to get to know my new Macbook better, I'll definitely be able to blog more regularly too. While travelling, I read several articles online about blogging and some of them really got me thinking about what my blog is really all about. I'd like to work on 'talking' more about my inspirations behind my outfits etc. instead of just posting a bunch of photos all the time.

Well to start, I love black. And grey, leather, denim. And sometimes, red. Almost all things classic and versatile too.

Black on black can get boring at times (although it's my favourite look). I love layering with different textures and that makes the bunch of black clothes I throw on look less boring together. This linen blazer was one of my first ever blazers (bought at least 5 years ago). Pairing it with a semi sheer tank just makes wearing a jacket in Singapore feel way less warmer. The details on this particular lace bralette is amazing (it fits like a dream), and makes the outfit slightly more interesting.
Bought these burgundy boots from Marks & Spencer in Nottingham in February and it has an awesome anti-slip sole (VIP for rainy weather). It's back here with me now in Notts because it's just so comfy and versatile.

p.s. I suck at writing conclusions.

Thanks for reading!

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