Saturday, 1 November 2014

Halloween 2014 | Notts

Longline bra/bustier & glow in the dark eye sticker & coat | Topshop
Knit button-down skirt | ASOS
Lipstick & nail polish | Revlon
Bat body stickers | Accessorize
Leather choker with stud | Bracelet from Mango
Faux leather bat hanging from choker | Modified earrings from Accessorize

Was super excited for my first proper Halloween dress up party! Spent it in Notts this year with Ian (who didn't bother dressing up) and Peter (his Venetian mask is amazing) at Coco Tang. I WAS DRESSING UP AS A WITCH (fyi).

Did some last minute shopping that very afternoon and spent 3 hours in Topshop deciding if I should get a mask or a cat hairband. In the end, I didn't get either because I found these super cool glow in the dark stickers. Not cheap though, the pair of stickers costs £8.90 -.- It was really pretty though hahha. And I've finally found a black coat that fits me quite well (no overly long sleeves) from Topshop Petite. Slightly oversized on me because the only size left was UK6 but I'll have to wear loads of layers inside to keep warm this winter too so I guess I could use that extra space. It doesn't contain wool though, so Ian disapproves, but ohwell, I was getting lazy to keep searching.

Got this amazing longline bra / bustier top with (lots of) velvet straps from the lingerie section at Topshop too (it's actually burgundy). I got it in UK8 because the cups for UK6 were too small for me, and I'd sewn the sides to make the underbust fit better.
Barely had time to finish my makeup before leaving home but luckily the eye stickers were really easy to stick on and they stayed on the entire night without any sign of falling off. Those bats on my back, however, have all disappeared by the time I left Coco Tang lol. They were on 70% off at Accessorize though (the bat earrings too, just £2.50 altogether for both items) so that's still alright hahha.

Went to hunt for dark coloured nail polish and lipstick too, and Boots was having a 3 for 2 promotion on some of their beauty products so I bought mine there. Purchased my first ever dark purple lipstick (love dark lipsticks but never tried them on before) from Revlon and it was not bad. Not too dry, I would say. My lips get dry from lipsticks really easily and I usually only use those from Chanel's Coco Rouge Shine collection. Am loving the dark greyish hue nail polish too. And the third item I got from Boots was an eyeshadow palette (my first ever too!). It was a palette for smoky eye and uh, when I applied all I was thinking of was 'just whack' lol. I have no idea how to do eye makeup (other than eyeliner) oops lolol. Thankfully the packing came with simple instructions, so I followed it (somewhat).

Happy Halloween everyone and thanks for reading!

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