Sunday, 30 November 2014

Czech Republic | Prague | Day 2

Skirt | H&M
3/4 sleeve boat neck top | ASOS Petite
Grey wool cardigan | COS
Coat | Gingersnaps
Slip-ons | Topshop

And my mum freaked out because I risked my life (yeah, my feet almost went numb when I dangled them over) sitting on the edge of Starbuck's terrence lolol. YOLO.

It was a super sunny and chilly day, love that kind of weather. Walked around and had super good ice cream, so good I even walked back to buy another same cup immediately after I finished my first double scoop cup. The cathedral was spectacular. It was huge and the stained glasses were gorgeous. The sun sure does magic (when it shines through).

Saw a piano/music-related shop on the way back from the castle and was super excited to go in and have a look (I might have looked over-excited) and as I was browsing around, I thought: all those pretty things but it'll be so troublesome to bring it back to Singapore (i.e. ceramic mugs and huge umbrellas), so I ended up buying postcards only. THE STORE OWNER/SALESMAN/CASHIER DUDE WAS SO RUDE. Seriously, rudest person I met in my entire Europe trip. Atrociously rude ugh. Either that or he's extremely racist. Lol. Either way, not good. Seriously, rude people should just stay away from the service industry/jobs where they need to interact with others. (I probably rolled my eyes more than 10 times while I type this.)

Walked by Charles Bridge on the way back to our hotel again (Sunday) and I was glad to find it not as crowded as the previous day (Saturday). My mum and I spent the rest of the day shopping (around the area in the second last photo) and I bought some super comfy bras from a inner wear & lounge wear shop called Tezenis. It wasn't available in my exact size (30c/d)so I bought 32b which I figured the cup will probably expand after some wear. Wireless but still supportive (it has in-built cup contour seams). So good I bought the same design in 4 pieces, perfect for sleeping (keeping boobs in shape, I hope that'll delay their sagging/going out of shape).

My mum and I travelled to Český Krumlov the next morning. It's probably my favourite place ever.
More in the next post on Czech Republic. Thanks for reading!

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