Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Czech Republic | Prague | Day 1

Took a night train (9 hours, reached at 7 ish am) from Krakow to Prague (first time I crossed borders without getting my passport chopped!) Saw a group of youths at the platform and I think they were waiting for the same train as me. There was another train which stopped (temporarily) at the platform I was waiting at and a girl from the group of youths wanted to use the bathroom. They guys she was with told her to get on the train and use the toilet there (since the train station's toilet was pretty far away and need to pay to use it, plus we saw some other guy going up to the train just to use the toilet around 10 minutes ago).  So up the girl went to use the train's toilet. Then, before I saw the girl come back, the train started to depart. I was like wth omg that poor girl. Her guy friends found it funny at first thinking holyshit she's still in the train! Then the train left. I felt so bad for the girl ._. She must be really scared (it was really late at night) and had no idea where the train was heading. After the train left, my train arrived and we boarded it. My mum and I booked the room with 2 small beds and the room had a sink too (which wasn't working lol. No water came out.) So we used the 2 bottles of mineral water they gave to brush our teeth. As our train started to depart, I looked out the window and saw the group of guys all frantically on the phone looking worried (truth finally kicked in) and I just felt so sad for them.

Prague was really pretty, but super super touristy. We reached on a Saturday and Charles Bridge had such great view but it was filled with tourists. There were also many small stalls along the sides of the bridge, selling paintings and accessories. The weather was amazing and I love the sun shining down on my face (while the temperature is still quite low). Had hot honey wine (super sweet but my mum hated it lolol) and fried potato, perfect afternoon snack.

At night, we chanced upon a restaurant which, from the outside, seemed traditional (and a little touristy but we were fine with that) but when we went inside and was led underground, it turned out to be a semi-fine dining restaurant. My mum and I totally felt out of place in our jeans and boots. But ohwell, we have been warned about such tourist 'scams'. The food was okay and it was our first time eating squid ink pasta. (It was stated seafood pasta on the  menu lol).

Visited the crazily pretty Prague Castle (architecture & view) on my second day in Prague - more about that in the next post!
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