Tuesday, 4 November 2014

How to Fix It: Rip It.

High waisted skinny jeans (ripped by me) | Mango
Cami top | ASOS
Shoes | Carvela Kurt Geiger
Sunglasses | DVF
Bag | Givenchy
Watch | Hugo Boss
Leather bracelet | Agnès b
Lace bralette | Urban Outfitters

Ordered this pair of jeans online and the fit was almost perfect, other than the overly tight knee area (many of my jeans fit really tight at the knee I have no idea why ugh) so there was only one way to fix it: rip it. I'm so proud of the rips on this pair (learned how to rip jeans on YouTube in 3 minutes, and spent the next 2 hours ripping away). It was pretty fun to me lol. Ripping jeans at the knee area is a great way to ease the tension caused by skinny jeans around my weak knees (and still looking good).
Low back camis are always pretty but here comes the common problem: what bra should I wear? (or should I wear one at all lol). My decision was based on the fabric and cut of the top. If the back is really low, I would either wear a low back bra (which I have yet to find one that fits well) or a bra/bralette which does not have any buckle at the back (just because I think it doesn't look really good showing any bra buckles). So here we are, a bralette (with a nice laced back, of course)!

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