Friday, 7 November 2014

Monte Carlo

Knit top | ASOS
Ridley Supersoft Ultra Skinny Jeans | ASOS Petite
Shoes | Robinsons
Necklaces | Agnès b. & Religion
Lipstick | Chanel Coco Rouge Shine

Rather than talking about my (rather casual) outfit in this post, I wnna share my favourite lipstick with y'all (obviously, I'm referring to the lipstick featured in some of the above photos!). I've never finished using any lipstick that I've tried previously, until I bought my first Chanel Coco Rouge Shine lipstick some time back. I used my first stick till it was literally can't be used without a brush anymore and I decided - I need another exact same one. I mentioned in my Halloween 2014 post some time back that I've never used any other lipstick other than those from the Coco Rouge Shine collection till I got a got a deep purple lipstick for Halloween. I'm actually pretty proud of myself for (finally) finishing an entire lipstick haha. It warms my heart (I don't know why lol) to see how much 'newer' the new lipstick looks lol. (No shit, a new lipstick is supposed to look newer than an old one, I know).

Right now, I always have 3 Coco Rouge Shine lipsticks with me (and of course, one of them is the colour shown above). I use number 69 for casual days like when I went to school last time and grocery shopping, just so that I have some colour on my face (instead of looking like I'll faint any moment). It is (very) slightly peachy-pink and is the lightest  colour I own. Number 62 (in photos) is my favourite and it's a slightly darker pinkish colour (not the barbie kind of pink) which is great for everyday use. The last colour I have is number 84, which is the reddest and I usually apply it when I go to events (esp if my entire outfit is black) and date nights. Still, at events, if my lipstick fades away after I eat something, I'll use this colour (62) if I don't have the time to touch up my Number 84 lipstick with a mirror because I can easily apply 62 perfectly without looking in a mirror!

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